Political Filings

UNDATED (11/03/21) –Those filing with the Breckinridge County Clerk’s Office to run in the upcoming May 17TH primary to date are:  (R-Republican; D- Democrat; I- Independent; *- Incumbent; includes date filed)

Breckinridge County Judge/Executive: Maurice Lucas (R*, 11/03); Kevin Bruce Drane (R, 11/03); Rita Moore (R, 11/23)

Breckinridge County Attorney: Brett Butler (R*, 11/03); Nikki Anthony-Armes (R, 11/04)

Breckinridge County Sheriff: William “Billy” Richardson (R*, 11/03); Bruce Anthony (R, 11/05)

Breckinridge County Clerk: Jared Butler (R*, 11/04)

Breckinridge County Jailer: Kyle Henderson (D, 11/03); Tara Pile Shrewsberry (R*, 11/09)

Breckinridge County Coroner: William “Bill” Lohden (R, 11/4);

Breckinridge County Property Valuation Administrator: Dana Hinton Bland (D*, 11/04)

1st District Magistrate: Heath Eskridge (R, 11/09); Ricky Bennett (R, 12/08)

2nd District Magistrate: William “Billy” Blair (R*,11/6); Shane Beavin (R, 11/08)

2nd District Constable: Jason Copher (R, 11/16);

3rd District Magistrate: Gary Greenwell (R*, 11/03); Barry Stinnett (R, 11/18)

3rd District Constable: Frank Adkins, Jr. (D*, 12/02)

4th District Magistrate: David Albright (D*, 11/16)

4th District Constable: Wayne Beauchamp (R* 11/22), Harold Parente (R, 12/07)

5th District Constable: Andrew Adkins (R*, 11/24)

5th District Magistrate: Carolyn Butler (R*, 11/03), Edwin Sam Moore (R, 11/03)

6th District Magistrate: Charles Brandon Henning (R, 11/03), Tim Milburn (R*, 11/03)

6th District Constable: Lewis E Carter  (Populist. 11/05), Richie Smiley (R*, 11/09)


The following candidates have filed for State/Federal/Judicial Races with the Secretary of State’s Office in Frankfort

United States Senator: Charles Booker (D, 11/03), John Merrill (D, 11/24)

United States Congressman- 2nd Congressional District: Hank Linderman (D, 11/03), William Dakota Compton (D, 11/08), S. Brett Guthrie (R*, 11/10)

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice- 2nd District (Non-Partisan): Kelly Thompson, Jr. (11/03)

Kentucky Court of Appeals- 2nd District, 1st Division- Jeff S. Taylor*  (11/09)

Kentucky Court of Appeals- 2nd District, 2nd Division- Kelly Mark Easton (11/08)

Circuit Judge- 46h Judicial Circuit (1st Division): Bruce Butler* (12/03)

Circuit Judge- 46th Judicial Circuit (2nd Division): Kenneth Harold Goff II* (12/01)

District Judge- 46th Judicial Circuit (1st Division): Bradley Butler* (12/03)

District Judge- 46th Judicial Circuit (2nd Division): Steven Crebessa* (11/05) 


The deadline to file for office is January 7th.