Irvington City Council-Special Called Meeting

1/12/2021—The Special Called Meeting of the Irvington City Council Tuesday evening came to an abrupt halt.  After the opening prayer and pledge to the flag, Councilman Ricky Lucas made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  He cited the pending lawsuit that is challenging the results of the November election.  He said until the suit is settled, any meeting would be illegal.  City Attorney Rachel Brown said the results of the election have been certified, and all council members have been sworn into office.  The vote on the motion was three in favor of adjournment (Ricky Lucas, Ronnie Robinson, and Bruce Basham), and three opposed(Pat Logsdon, Charles Lucas, and Robert Young III).  Ricky Lucas and Ronnie Robinson left the meeting, and Bruce Basham said he would not take part.  As a result, Mayor Yvonne Kennedy adjourned the meeting because of the lack of a quorum.  Kennedy said the meeting will be rescheduled.