Two Arrested In Kentucky Walmart Pepper Spray Attack

MOUNT STERLING, Ky. (AP) — Two people wanted in the pepper-spraying of an 80-year-old Walmart employee in Mt. Sterling have been arrested in Oklahoma.

35-year-old George Michael Jude and 36-year-old Sandra Yeahquo were arrested Wednesday.

Police had been searching for suspects after a man pepper-sprayed a female employee when she tried to stop from shoplifting. A female accomplice provided the spray before entering the store.

Mount Sterling police said in a Facebook post that a man shoplifted several items and pepper-sprayed the victim when she tried to stop him Sunday. A woman was accused of being an accomplice and providing the pepper spray before they entered the store. They fled in a minivan with Oklahoma license plates.

The couple faces robbery charges in Kentucky and other charges in Oklahoma.