Ohio County Couple Charged With Holding Two People Hostage

HARTFORD (08/11/17)- A couple are accused of holding a man and his son hostage at their Ohio County residence.

Ronald Herrin the second and Emily Herrin are facing multiple charges after the incident that occured late Wednesday (08/09) or early Thursday (08/10). The Ohio County Sheriff’s Department said in a press release posted in it’s Facebook page says the couple held Ronnie Leach and his son at gunpoint in their Beaver Dam residence, took their cellphones and tied them up in a bedroom closet.

The couple, who were Leach’s daughter and son-in-law, took cash and Leach’s car to Indiana to allegedly purchase heroin.

Leach’s father freed the two on Thursday morning with police notified.

Police found the couple unresponsive locked in the bedroom of their home on Thursday. The couple were transported to Ohio County Hospital, then Owensboro Regional Health for treatment.

Four small children in the Herrin home were taken by Child Protective Services for care. The case remains under investigation.