Firemen Called To Shed Fire

(08/29/15) - The Custer Fire Department was called to a report of a structure fire about a half mile from Dyer, in the 9800 block of Highway 401 around 12:30 A.M. Saturday morning (8/29). When fire crews arrived on the scene, they found an outbuilding fully engulfed. 

Logging Accident Claims Life

A logging accident Friday afternoon claimed the life of a Falls of Rough man.

According to Breckinridge County Coroner Tim Bandy, the accident occurred at about 1:30 Friday afternoon, in an isolated area off Old Railroad Road at Falls Of Rough.  43-year-old Michael Craig Arnold was fatally injured when a tree he was cutting fell onto another tree and struck him.  He was...


High School Football: Tigers Fall To Todd Central

(08/28/15)- The BCHS Tiger football team fell to 0-2 on the season after a 39-14 loss to Todd County Central on Friday night. The Tigers trailed 22-14 with just over a minute remaining in the second quarter after Demetrius Mucker ran for a 29-yard touchdown, but the Rebels answered with a touchdown pass with just under four second s left in the half and never looked back. Mucker had a 95-yard...
Houston boy, 14, dies after battle with brain amoeba
Michael Riley Jr. came into contact with rare disease after swimming in a lake with friends
Hurricane Ignacio, category 4 storm, approaches Hawaii
Big storm projected for now to pass just northeast of the Big Island and Maui
FTN: Page 2
Missed the second half of the show? The latest on the Republican presidential campaign race and the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
8/30: Jindal, Landrieu, Selzer
The latest on the state of New Orleans ten years after Hurricane Katrina, and the 2016 presidential election, with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, author Douglas Brinkley, photojournalist Mario Tama, and others
Suspect, but no motive, found in Houston officer's slaying
"Clearly unprovoked" shooting death of sheriff's deputy leads officials to assume apparent assassination was solely over the uniform
Nature: Zion National Park
"Sunday Morning' takes you to Utah, and Zion National Park, where Spotted Towhees make their home.
From the archives: Vacuum cleaner collectors unite!
Correspondent Bill Geist ventures to Clarksville, Ind., where members of the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors' Club have gathered for their annual convention
"Sunday Morning" viewers aid Navajo lacking water
The lack of running water for many who live in the Navajo Nation in New Mexico shocked "Sunday Morning" viewers
New Orleans grocery store serves struggling neighborhood
Burnell Cotlon is "just an average guy with above-average dreams"
Shark takes bite out of surfer's board, but not her
Elinor Dempsey said shark swam under her in Morro Bay, Calif., before taking 14-inch-wide bite out of her surfboard
Chef John Besh and his recipe for helping others
New Orleans chef John Besh is determined to maintain more than just his hometown's great culinary tradition
Calendar: Week of August 31
From the Guinness World Records to "Star Wars" toys: "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead
Ben Stein on who's to blame for stock market woes
The "Sunday Morning" commentator says experts and politicians who blame China for the U.S. stock market's recent downturn are missing the point.
​Calendar: Week of August 31
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead
Oliver Sacks, renowned neurologist and author, dies age 82
Sacks, the author of several books on brain conditions including "Awakenings," said before dying his life was "equally rich in work and love"
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