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Breckinridge County Board of Education-Special Called Meeting

6/30/2015—The Breckinridge County Board of Education approved the second reading of the annual Policy and Procedure update at a Special Called Meeting Tuesday afternoon.  Two changes in the manual deal with the amount a student can accumulate in meal charges and a policy dealing with the use of personal cell phones and telecommunication devices.
In other business, the Board
Murder at Sea? The case of missing honeymooner George Smith
"48 Hours" Presents: Devastated after the FBI bows out of the case, the family of missing cruise ship honeymooner George Smith vows to fight for answers
More than a dozen hurt in North Carolina deck collapse
At least 2 people in critical condition after deck gives way at beach house on Carolina coast during a family photo
Illegal fireworks cause concern for Calif. firefighters
Firefighters on high alert in drought-stricken California, worried backyard fireworks could spark devastating wildfires
9 people hurt at Colorado fireworks show
Officials in town of Avon say malfunction caused fireworks shell to explode in its tube, leaving 9 people with minor burns
Girl dies after being hit by jumping sturgeon in boat
5-year-old girl's mother, 9-year-old brother also injured after fish leaps into boat on Florida river
Big upset at Fourth of July hot dog eating contest
Competitive eating world shocked by defeat of Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, who was seeking ninth straight victory
"French founding father" honored with replica warship
Replica of French frigate remembers Marquis de Lafayette's legacy in helping secure American independence
Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and son on new LP's inspiration
Jeff Tweedy has fronted the band Wilco for 20 years, but now he has a new band with his son
Saturday Sessions: Tweedy performs "Diamond Light Pt. 1"
With music from their debut album, "Sukierae," longtime Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and his son, Spencer, perform "Diamond Light Pt. 1" on Saturday Sessions
David Jackson, longtime CBS correspondent, dies at 70
CBS Radio News correspondent reported on many of the important events marked on the timeline of modern history
Saturday Sessions: Tweedy performs "Low Key"
With music from their debut album, "Sukierae," longtime Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and his son, Spencer, perform "Low Key" on Saturday Sessions
Saturday Sessions: Tweedy performs "Wait For Love"
Jeff Tweedy has fronted the band Wilco for 20 years, but now he has a new band with his son. His latest project, Tweedy, is a collaboration that combines his love of music with family
Chef JJ Johnson on Harlem’s food scene and fast casual dining
The chef de cuisine at The Cecil and Minton’s says the scene in Harlem is “exploding”
Funeral home updates status of escaped killer's body
Officials also provide more details of how convicted murderer Richard Matt was gunned down after three weeks on the lam
New report aims to decrease sudden cardiac arrest deaths
From a national campaign to fight sudden cardiac arrest to California Gov. Jerry Brown signing the toughest vaccination bill in the country, Dr. Holly Phillips and Dr. Jon LaPook join “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the latest health headlines
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Breckinridge County Fair 07-03-2015
Gene Wesbter talks with Tammy & Kevin Cashman
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Fine Arts And Craft Show 06-26-2015
Paul chats with Greg Hicks and Sherri Stith about the 2nd annual show
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Meade County RECC Annual Meeting - 06-22-2015
Gene Webster talks with David Pace
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Never Trust A Skinny Cook 06-17-2015
Sammie Quiggins & Paul Priest
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Breckinridge County Chamber Dinner 06-12-2015
Gene Webster talks with Veronica Ent
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Breckinridge County Relay For Life 06-11-2015
Gene Webster talks with Shirley Bennett
Never Trust A Skinny Cook 06-10-2015
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Breckinridge County Extension 06-09-2015
Terry Henning talks with Carol Hinton & Lydia Richardson
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Team Red White & Blue 06-05-2015
Gene Webster talks with Aaron Priest
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Gena Blair - Coloring For A Cure
Gene Webster talks with Gena Blair
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Never Trust A Skinny Cook 06-03-2015
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Tiffany Kennedy - Eli Kennedy Foundation
Gene Webster talks with Tiffany Kennedy